Intro Playing Tips

Obviously if you are left handed you will need to reverse all instructions regarding your right and left hand.


With your right hand feel free to experiment! But if you are using your fingers, I suggest you start by exclusively using your index finger for basic melodies. If you are using a plectrum start by using all down strokes.

With your left hand try to use your first(index) finger on the first fret, the second finger on the second fret, third finger on the third fret, fourth(little) finger on the fourth fret, unless otherwise indicated.


It is best if your put your finger down as close to the fret as possible. You need to press hard enough so the note rings clearly. Try to keep your thumb upright at the back of the guitar, don't let it drop down. When you put the fingers of your left hand down on the fret board, put them down at a ninety degree angle to the strings, it will help with getting the notes to ring out clearly.


You will probably have to play the tunes really slowly to begin with. Build up speed gradually. Try to keep an even beat at all times. If you are struggling don't just play the tunes from beginning to end. Split the tune into small sections, and practice them until they are perfect, methodically learning the whole tune.


As soon as possible try to stop looking at the tab, and memorise the tunes.